LifeTree Cafe Spokane

We have been running our Lifetree Cafe at Chairs Public House for 8 months now. That is so hard to believe! Every Monday night at 7pm we meet to discuss different life topics with people who come desiring conversation, friendship and a good cup of Coffee.  We have met some very incredible people and had amazing conversations every week for 8 months. God’s love is at Lifetree and he shows up every Monday night as the highlight of every conversation hour. It is inspiring how people can discuss God with out arguing or debating belief systems. Everyone’s opinion is truly welcome. At Lifetree Cafe people can disagree and still be friends. I love this conversation community outreach God has led CJ’s to bring to Spokane.

LifeTree Cafe Spokane

LifeTree Cafe is now up and running in Spokane! We meet at Chairs Coffee, a wonderful place that is letting us use the space for free. It has been such a blessing getting to know those who are Chairs staff. The coffee is great and so is the company. We have been having this conversation cafe for a month and a half now. We have had some great conversations and have many more great topics coming up this month,and November!

Our first conversation was on the Art of Loss. It helped us be okay with feelings associated with loss. It also, had a few stories from girls who used their artistic abilities to help them work through the different feelings they were experiencing with loss.  We explored the possibility of having God in the Center of our life, someone  who could never be taken away from us. The conversations with people who came were great and many were drawn closer to God. On the comment cards many stated that they had definitely felt the presence of God.

In fact every week the comment cards have had people who say they have totally felt the presence of God during LifeTree Cafe. At Lifetree Cafe we believe that faith in Jesus is a relationship. As people talk and listen to each other, sharing their stories and learn from each other, they are also learning about a specific topic of how faith has played a part in someone’s life.  As relationships are built with people, so is that relationship of faith in Jesus.

Our latest topic was the tough topic of “Is there only one way to God?” The verse “I am the way the truth, and the Life, and no one comes to the father accept through me.” was read. We discussed why, since the beginning of time people have tried to draw close to God. Not just christian, but people of every culture have done this. We talked about our own spiritual journey and the  twists and turns we have taken. We listened to an intriguing story of one gals journey to finding God, that brought her from universalism, to knowing Christ as her Savior and best friend. She was raised Catholic, in America, and actually found God in China in an underground church. We all did an experiment during our Lifetree experience, and invited God that night, to talk to us by being silent for a full 90 seconds.  It was a great night.

I love the comfort that people have in sharing their stories, no matter what they are, or what they believe. Everyone is welcome at Lifetree Cafe no matter what belief or lifestyle they have.  We have met many new people at Chairs coffee shop. They tells us how they like the non-judgmental atmosphere and even though they do not even consider themselves to be religious, that they really enjoy being at Lifetree Cafe. These people have come back, stuck around, and chatted at the end. They always tell us thank you before leaving.  During the last episode we met a gal who just wanted to be there and listen to the conversations. She thanked us for letting her be a part in her own way.

It does not matter whether we have a small group of people or large that come for Lifetree Cafe. Every time God moves and lives are changed. Being in a public place is a perfect way to not only, help people be comfortable, but also, to meet new  people who don’t go to church. Many who are already at Chairs stay, and either participate, or listen in the back. Some times people do leave when they need a place to just sit and study, but not before we introduce who we are, and invite them to be a part. Many who need to study stay, and just listen while they do their work. These people have told us that they also liked the idea of Lifetree and wished they did not have to study and could participate in the conversation. Lifetree Cafe is making a difference in peoples lives in Spokane. It is bringing people together in relationships with each other and their God who truly does love them.

Location! Location!

While we do not have funds as yet to have our own CJ’s Building we are stepping out in faith to start in Spokane a LifeTree Cafe. This is a ministry that will be ran at CJ’s when we have our building. If you want to know more about what LifeTree Cafe is visit the info on this blog or  We are building the team and meeting every other week as a team to train and pray for opening day in September. We still needs a location. We are praying about three different locations. It is tricky because to be a LifeTree Cafe it cost money. So at this time we would not be able to afford to be a LifeTree Cafe and pay to rent a space. We are trying to find a place that allows groups to come in for free and use their space.  We also want to be in the Neighborhood that God wants us to be in.

For LifeTree Cafe to run smoothly it needs people willing to be on a friendship team who meet and greet people as well as make the coffee and help set up. It needs the Hosts who will be the one who facilitates and keeps the conversations going. We need a seed group of people who will just commit to showing up to be a person at a table so that no one has to sit alone and not have anyone to talk to.  We also have a need for Out on a Limb people who want to get  into the community and help those in need. Then there is of course the communication team that makes fliers, keeps face-book updated, and keeps everyone informed of each weeks topic. 

If you know of a friendly coffee shop type space that might be available to use for free, or would like to get involved to help make Lifetree Cafe in Spokane launch in September please Contact me at 509-389-5560



LifeTree Cafe

LifeTree Cafe  is one of the ministries CJ’s Coffee will be hosting. However, until CJ’s is a real place with a fantastic location to host this ministry, LifeTree Cafe will launch first and begin to meet at local libraries or hotel breakfast nooks that are interested in letting us use the space. This ministry currently needs volunteers! If you love coffee house settings and a good conversation, this ministry could be perfect for you! Contact me at if you are interested.

Life Tree Cafe is a place where people find Jesus. It is a comfortable place and time for people to gather every week to explore life and faith.  The atmosphere encourages conversations, questions, and personal stories. The conversations about life lead to seeing God’s presence and love.

The hour long Lifetree Cafe experience feature real stories of real people, guided conversation, biblical insights, time to build relationships with new and old friends, laughter and opportunities to serve.

Lifetree stories dig into the big and little things that shape our lives. Such as family, fears, balance, money, materialism, health, heaven, peace, purpose etc. As we explore these stories together our LifeTree friends learn that God is active today and looking for a close relationship with each of us, even through the toughest of times.

People can also connect to, where the weekly conversation continues online. Local LifeTree Cafes are part of a national and international system. Just as chain restaurants  or shops are recognized, so is the Lifetree Cafe Brand. Each week LifeTree Cafes everywhere offer the same nationally promoted program that sparks peoples conversations and growth in relationship with Jesus.

What LifeTree Cafe is not:

It is not a church. It does not replace church. It does not offer worship services, perform weddings or funerals etc.  Life tree is not a bible study or class. It does not follow an academic model for those seeking to gain a deeper understanding of the bible. People come to seek conversation, ask their questions and discover new insights and connect with God in new unexpected ways through the testimonies of others. It is not considered a church small group. Conversation is encouraged and relationships are taking place at each table. However, it is a community type feel as many are gathered together and seated three or four at each table to converse. It is also not a membership club.  It is a place where friends gather for conversation, community, and a spiritual boost. No dues, no cost, no secret handshakes. The coffee is free, the goodies are free. It is a free hour for anyone wishing to attend.

Ultimately LifeTree’s purpose is to help people grow closer to God. Lifetree brings people together to explore life, experience God, grow in relationship with Christ and serve the Community.

Through the use of stories and guided conversation, LifeTree Cafe friends discover helpful direction for everyday life issues and how God connects with these issues. They grow in Christ in much the same way as we grow in relationship with each other, through give-and-take conversation, asking questions, doing things together, and hearing others’ stories of God’s love.

Who is LifeTree Cafe for? Everyone!

Young Adults love it! Couples Love it! Students love it! Adults love it! Spiritually Curious love it! Even Kids love it as they get to ask questions and interact with others in real life changing conversations.

The Mayo clinic describes peoples needs as such: “People need to feel respected, worthy, and accepted. They need their close relationships to be safe and comfortable. They need places where they are accepted and not judged.”

LifeTree Cafe provides people with what they need!