About CJ’s Ministries

Mission Statement

CJ’s Ministries purpose is motivated by the indiscriminate love of Christ Jesus. We exist to help people base their Identity and Worth in Christ and to help them find and pursue their Purpose. We do this through personal one on one mentoring, bible study groups, discipleship programs, and public conversation meetups. As well as, but not limited to, hosting public functions for education, entertainment, and/or the arts.



CJ’s Ministries believes in the value of each individual. Our desire is to help people realize the value and potential that God sees in us; value that God ascribed each of us when Jesus died on the Cross.

CJ’s Ministries values helping people, not only to know the immense love of Jesus, but also to help people discover who they are and the path they are meant to be on.

CJ’s Ministries values loving and meeting people where people are at in life.

CJ’s values unity between non-profits and churches with a common goal.

CJ’s Ministries values the growth of the kingdom of God locally and world-wide.


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